New issue: announcing JVC 26.2!

Journal of Victorian Culture 26.2 is now online, with lots of exciting interdisciplinary work, encompassing  art history, print history, literary studies, digital humanities and medical history. Articles by Jina Moon and James Aaron Green will be of especial interest to readers of popular and New Woman fiction. There are some fabulous fashion plates in Rebecca Mitchell’s piece on Dolly Varden! 

The issue also features several free access articles, including a cutting edge Digital Forum on Mapping. 

We’d also like to remind everyone of imminent deadline for our Graduate Student Essay Prize. Enter today!

Latest Issue:

Victorian Faddishness: The Dolly Varden from Dickens to Patience‘ by  Rebecca N. Mitchell. 

‘Commemorative Print: Serialized Monuments during the Shakespeare Tercentenary Debates’ by  Matthew Poland.

‘Tomboys in Sarah Grand’s New Woman Fiction’ by Jina Moon/

‘”Short-Spanned Living Creatures”: Evolutionary Perspectives in Rhoda Broughton’s Not Wisely, but Too Well‘ (1867) by James Aaron Green.

‘Hilarious Homicides: Satirizing Sensational Murders in Late Nineteenth-Century London’ by Lee Michael-Berger. 

‘”This spasm upon canvas”: George Eliot, Gustave Courbet and Realist Aesthetics’ by Charlotte Jones. 

Normalizing Vision: The Representation and Use of Spectacles and Eyeglasses inVictorian Britain‘ by Gemma Almond.

Digital Forum: 

Introduction: ‘Digital Maps and Mapping in Victorian Studies‘ by  Christopher Donaldson and Joanna E. Taylor.

Maps of a Nation? The Digitized Ordnance Survey for New Historical Research‘ by Kasra Hosseini, Katherine McDonough, Daniel van Strien, Olivia Vane, Daniel and C.S. Wilson. 

Mapping Victorian Homes and Haunts: A Methodological Introduction‘   by  Karen Bourrier, Hannah Anderson, Sonia Jarmula, David Lapins, Kaelyn Macaulay, Peter Peller, Ingrid Reiche, John Brosz, and Dan Jacobson. 

Chronotopic Cartography: Mapping Literary Time-Space‘ by Sally Bushell, James Butler, Duncan Hay, Rebecca Hutcheon and Alex Butterworth. 

Header image: Cabinet photograph of Leonora Braham as Patience in Patience, by Elliott & Fry, c. 1881, original production. Image source: public domain.



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