DIGITAL FORUM: ‘The Future of Academic Journals’ (21:1)

‘The Future of Academic Journals’ edited by Zoe Alker, Christopher Donaldson and James Mussell.

This Digital Forum offers perspectives on the opportunities and challenges presented by the use of digital technologies in academic publishing, networking and communication. It features position papers from three participants in the ‘Victorian Studies Journals: Coming of Age’ roundtable that convened at BAVS 2015: Lucinda Matthews-Jones, James Mussell and Helen Rogers. Collectively, these three scholars offer incisive reflections on the ways that scholars and publishers have embraced and, in some cases, resisted the possibilities presented by online publication. James Mussell’s paper questions our continued reliance on the pdf as the primary medium for the dissemination of online journal content. Picking up on this discussion, Lucinda Matthews-Jones’s contribution explains the creative possibilities afforded by the use of journal-based academic blogging. Finally, Helen Rogers offers a retrospective on the changes that have taken place in scholarly publication during her time as an editor of the Journal of Victorian Culture (2008-2015).

This instalment of the Digital Forum also marks the end of James Mussell’s term as editor. James assumed the duties of editing the Digital Forum in 2008. In the 13 Fora he has seen into print since that time, James has played an integral role in shaping scholarly discussions about how digital tools and technologies shape (and, in some cases, reshape) our understanding of the cultures of Victorian period. The incoming editors, Zoe Alker and Christopher Donaldson, are excited to be taking over from James. The editorial board of JVC thank him for his contribution to the journal over the past seven years.

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