Online Reading Group on John Ruskin’s ‘Stones of Venice’

John Ruskin's real and false Griffins

In the run up to the BAVS/NAVSA/AVSA Global and the Local conference (3-6 June), Journal of Victorian Culture Online is planning an online reading group on John Ruskin’s Stones of Venice. The reading will extend over five weeks (22 April -27 May) and each week will focus on a different extract. We are looking for volunteers to select a chapter for discussion from any of the 3 volumes and to spark off the online discussion for that week. Each volunteer will be allotted a week and will begin discussion of their chapter by writing a short post that will be put up on JVC Online on the Monday. They will wrap up the discussion (drawing together some of the comments) by the end of the following Sunday. If you would like to volunteer (whether or not you will be attending the conference) please send us a 250 word outline explaining why you have chosen that chapter and highlighting some discussion points.

We are also looking for volunteers who will be attending the conference to lead visits to sites explored in the Stones of Venice. The tours should be to sites within easy reach of the conference. They might also relate to the chapters discussed by the reading group. JVC Online will be making video podcasts of these walking tours. If you would like to organize a visit, please send us a 250 word proposal.

If you would like to volunteer to lead a reading group session and/or a walking tour, please contact Lucie at by 15 April.

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