The Tweets of BAVS2012

#BAVS2012 has come to a close and soon the hash tag will be no more. For those of us who are on twitter we will no longer be scrolling through the tweets wondering what people are hearing or have heard. For those of you who might not have attended the BAVS conference but use twitter their might be feeling of relief that all mention of BAVS2012 will shortly be over and that threads will return to normal. Of course, you might not use twitter and have no idea of what I am talking about.

Nevertheless, here for prosperity is the conference Twitter thread

A big thanks to everyone that tweeted during BAVS especially Amber Regis for Victorian Values, Jo Pearson, Charlotte Mathieson, and Kate

We hope you enjoy looking at them and don’t forget that next year there will have new hash tag…’Long Live #BAVS2013′.

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