Teaching and Learning Showcase

Many of us often use the summer months to create new courses and revise existing ones for the new academic year. To facilitate this work and encourage productive conversations around the teaching of nineteenth-century culture, the Journal of Victorian Culture Online (JVC) will be hosting a Teaching and Learning Showcase to feature this work.  In August and September, we would like to showcase posts that explore the imaginative and innovative ways we teach Victorian studies.

Blog topics could include:

  • Digital Humanities (blogs, twitter and Facebook)
  • Seminar construction
  • Alternative assessments (poster, portfolio work, etc)
  • Primary source activities
  • Field trips
  • Course reflections
  •  ‘Good’ and ‘bad’ practices of teaching

If you would like to be involved, please email Lucinda Matthews-Jones at l.m.matthew-jones@ljmu.ac.uk together with a few sentences outlining your proposed topic. Blog entries should be no more than 1500 words. If you would like to include images then these must be sent to Lucie as jpegs. Please provide a list of all hyperlinks rather than embedding them into the text.
Deadlines for proposals will be July 14th 2012.

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