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We’ve been really excited by the level and range of blogs that formed May’s bloggers fair, which ended with Lucie being invited to chair the ‘Transforming Objects’ conference roundtable on this subject. A summary of the round table can be found here. We would like to thank everyone that participated and we hoped you enjoyed discovering what was out there!

You can now download, through IFirst, two articles by Amber J. Regis (Early Career Victorianists and Social Media) and Rohan Maitzen (Scholarship 2.0) that also consider the way ‘Social Media’ is used in Victorian studies for the Journal of Victorian Culture‘s Digital Forum’. These articles, as James Mussell points out in his introduction to section, considers how social media has became ingrained in academia and as such ‘redefining the ways scholars relate to one another, their students and those beyond the academy who might share their interests’.

To coincide with their publication we would like to invite readers to reflect, respond and comment to these pieces by considering the following questions:

1)      How do you use social media and how have you benefited from it?

2)      How do you read and engage with blogs?

3)      How can we remove the suspicion of social media in academia? Do you think there is a suspicion of social media?

For those who blog:

1)      How do you want your readers to engage and read your blogs?

2)      Do you have any advice or tips on how to start a blog?

3)      Do you think social media can blur the identity of the researcher with their research?

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