Bloggers Fair: Lynne Wilson’s Scotland’s History Uncovered

Scotland’s History Uncovered is a blog which focuses on the social history of Scotland, concentrating on the Victorian era.  The object of the blog in essence, is to give an enjoyable learning experience for people of all levels of historical knowledge. 

Having always had an interest in Victorian history, I wrote a book entitled ‘A Year in Victorian Edinburgh’ to try and give the reader a real feel for life in this time.  From there, I decided to develop a blog which I hoped would achieve the same, but would include the social history of the whole of Scotland. 

Scotland’s History Uncovered contains background information about general life in Victorian Scotland; from entertainment to the expanding science of medicine, and social problems; but also goes into detail on Victorian crime and the justice system.  The subject of Victorian crime has been a particular interest of mine for some time, having combined my interest in history with a Diploma in Criminology.

Another feature of Scotland’s History Uncovered is a ‘this month in history’ column, where every month I update the blog with humorous, sad or strange tales from everyday life in Victorian Scotland.

Lynne Wilson is the author of several historical true crime books. Born in Stirling, Lynne studied Chemistry at Edinburgh Napier University and has worked mainly in scientific and research work.  However, she has always had a strong interest in the subject of Victorian history, and after combining this with a Diploma in Criminology, Lynne decided to start writing two years ago, concentrating mainly on historical true crime in Scotland’s cities.  Lynne also works as an article writer and a historical researcher.

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