Bloggers Fair: Christina Bradstreet’s ‘Art and Perfume’

Art and Perfume is a new blog about smell in nineteenth-century art and culture. It is written by Dr. Christina Bradstreet and is a record of her journey towards transforming her doctoral research into an academic book. Recent posts have explored the theme of scent and decadence – including the idea of perfume injection in the 1890s, fragrance asphyxiation in a little known painting by John Collier as well as perfume in the work of Oscar Wilde and Arthur Symons.

Dr. Christina Bradstreet: I am a published art historian, with a PhD from Birkbeck College. I have taught art history at Birkbeck, Royal Holloway College and The Courtauld Institute of Art. Email me at c.bradstreet Follow me on twitter @ArtandPerfume

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