Book Series Announcement: Dramatic Lives

Dramatic Lives

Series Editor: Katharine Cockin

This series will present biographies, monographs and edited collections of scholarly essays about individuals who have worked in the theatre either as a principal occupation or who have made a significant contribution to the theatre. As well as studies of distinguished figures of the theatre, the series will include works on artists, writers, political activists and amateurs working on its fringes, bringing a wealth of other experience from fields such as literature, art, music, social reform and political activism.

Manuscripts should be in the range of 80,000 to 100,000 words. Proposals should be eight to ten pages in length and should include a brief overview of the relevant scholarship in the field, the contribution which your work will make to the field, a breakdown of the contents by chapter, an account of the number and type of illustrations, the length, competing books, and the intended audience. Proposals should include a minimum of two sample chapters.

Please contact either Mark Pollard, Publishing Director ( or Katharine Cockin ( for preliminary review or questions.

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