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John Everett Millais (Illustrator) and Dalziel Brothers (Engravers) for Anthony Trollope, Orley Farm (London: Chapman & Hall, 1862) in J. Thomas, P. T. Killick, A. A. Mandal, and D. J. Skilton, courtesy of A Database of Mid-Victorian wood-engraved Illustration: OF018 http://www.dmvi.cf.ac.uk

Welcome to the Journal of Victorian Culture Online, the online supplement to the Journal of Victorian Culture. In ‘Out Now’ and ‘Coming Soon’ you can read about the latest articles and features in the journal which covers all aspects of nineteenth-century society, culture, and the material world including: literature, art, performance, politics, science, medicine, technology, lived experience, and ideas.

‘Victorians beyond the Academy’ is a forum for discussing the presence and treatment of the Victorian in our contemporary world. You can read and post your own comments and reviews about exhibitions, museums, theme-parks, novels, drama, adaptations, and more.

In ‘Resources’ you can find links to the growing number of digital archives for studying  the nineteenth century and links to associations and societies. In ‘Events’ you can find information about forthcoming conferences, seminars and talks, and post calls-for-papers or conference reports.

In the ‘Readers’ Forum’ we invite you to post material relating to your own interests in the nineteenth century or to begin, or join, a discussion.

We look forward to the Journal of Victorian Culture Online becoming a lively and friendly site where everyone can share respectfully their interests and ideas with fellow enthusiasts. Please click here to read about our online protocol. All posts are read by a member of the journal’s editorial board before going live.

The ‘Editors’ Blog’ provides news about the Journal of Victorian Culture , a peer-reviewed journal with an international editorial board. Click here for more information about the journal, and about the editors and the editorial board.

The Journal of Victorian Culture is published three times a year by Routledge and is available in print and electronic form. Click here to subscribe.

If you would like to submit an article to the Journal of Victorian Culture, please read our advice to authors here.

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