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The Journal of Victorian Culture is pleased to announce its most recent issue (24.3), featuring a special Roundtable, “Born in 1819”, and a Digital Forum on Digital Literacy, both of which are free access on our Oxford University Press Website.

In this first of a two-part Roundtable, editors Trev Broughton and Helen Kingstone have gathered essays on the cohort of Victorian cultural figures born in 1819. They and their contributors use this occasion to think about the idea of generation across the social scale from Queen Victoria to Chartist poet Ernest Jones. The second part of this discussion will be published in JVC 24:4.

For our Digital Forum, editors Christopher Donaldson and Zoe Alker have collected essays on the cutting edge of Digital Literacy reflecting on the digital humanities, teaching digital literacy as well as social justice issues.

Additionally, the issue features free-standing articles:  Stephen Ridgwell’s “Lurcherland: Poachers, Dogs and Animal Presence in English Life and Culture c. 1831-1901” (complemented by Alison Skipper’s review of The Victorian Creation of the Pedigree Dog by Michael Worboys, Julie-Marie Strange and Neil Pemberton) and Leo Hall and Simon Grennan’s “Literary Flaneuses: Observation, Commentary, Enterprise and Courage in Late-Nineteenth-Century Women’s Professional Lives.”

Happy reading!