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How do you use academic journals and social media?

2013 April 25
by lucinda matthews-jones

Lucinda Matthews-Jones and Helen Rogers are writing a paper called ‘Doing Things Differently: Writing, Academic Journals and Social Media in the Online World’. Notwithstanding our title, we want to start by examining how our people currently access and engage with print and digital media.

We would like to know about your experience and views, whether or not you regularly read journals, visit academic blogs and websites, tweet or use Facebook. We aim to map what our community is doing now, rather than what we ought or should be doing! Our findings, we hope, will help all of us think more creatively and proactively about how we exploit online media to change the way we read, write, publish and share our work. Equally, it may illuminate aspects and strengths of traditional forms of scholarly communication that we wish to preserve.

Please take a few minutes to answer our online survey, which can be found here:

We will be presenting initial findings based on the survey at a paper (13 May) we are giving at the Institute for Humanities and Social Science Research, Manchester Metropolitan University, (Lecture Theatre 5, Geoffrey Manton Building, 5.30-7.30). Over the summer we aim to make our paper available for online comment and discussion before we publish the final version.

Thank you for your time.

Lucinda Matthews-Jones (Journal of Victorian Culture Online) and Helen Rogers (Journal of Victorian Culture)

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